Feeling motivated…

21 05 2008

I’m the opposite to Matt. I like to research in silence, no music, no radio talk. I enter a different world when I write, one of solitute and deep concentration. I tried playing music in my office a couple of times but it drove me ‘crutz’ – a new term I coined yesterday over lunch break. It abbreviates ‘crazy + nuts”. Hey, I should add it to Wikipedia!

My highlight for today was submitting a journal article to “Media International Australia”.  I worked on it for weeeeeks so it feels great to have it finished and submitted. I can happily return to my thesis now. I’ve got a few weeks left on my literature review and then I’m straight into analysing my interview data. My methodology has been drafted and I’ve received some positive feedback on it so far.

To those who think that I sound awefully motivated, I should explain that I’m soon leaving for a much needed holiday. You can question my research motivation after I return, it will be difficult to face reality after a month in Europe. Actually, there was another event the other day that motivated me towards finishing my PhD. I was able to attend a graduation ceremony of our undergraduate IT students, where quite a large number of PhD candidates were officially awarded their doctorates. Interestingly, most of them were women, which is unusual for the Faculty of Information Technology but showed that statistics are on my side! 🙂