Am I there yet?

6 10 2008

The past two months saw the Goat meticulously chewing over her collected data, one of the reasons she’s been somewhat quiet on the blogging paddock. All the conserved energy resulted in a chapter of more than 30 000 words, divided into the following five main themes:

Theme 1. The past and present of Czech animation

Theme 2. Advancements in animation technology

Theme 3. Political censorship in Czech animation

Theme 4. Economic management of animation studios

Theme 5. Future of Czech animation


The last section of the chapter discusses the confluence of these themes and highlights their relationships in a visual diagram. Instead of waiting until the full chapter is drafted to obtain some feedback from my supervisor, I have been forwarding him drafts of each theme during my writing. That way any suggestions provided at the start can be implemented throughout the rest of the chapter and my stress levels are kept under control knowing that my chapter is shaping up. 

Today, I was able to read the Data Analysis chapter in one sitting and made notes regarding any minor changes or additions to the text. So am I there yet? Hopefully by the end of this week, I’ll be able to celebrate the completion of my chapter, maybe with a cake or something healthier like a carrot J

My Methodology chapter is next on my list, it’s at least 80% finished and I should be able to complete it within the next week. It’s also great that my supervisor has already read the Methodology chapter a couple of times so I know I’m on the right track and no huge changes are required.

Is the light at the end of the research tunnel getting brighter or what?

Happy goating,



The power of cherries in Czech animation?

14 07 2008

Did you know that cherries were the campaign symbol of the Communist Party during the first post-1989 democratic elections in Czechoslovakia? I remember posters with cherries everywhere! 🙂 People would typically ask if someone’s voting for “cherries”…  I think the connection between cherries and the Communist Party has disappeared by now.  I took this photo last month when I was in the Czech Republic and Communists were certainly not on my mind when I was climbing the cherry tree in my parents’ garden.

While on the topic though, I’ve been comparing the working conditions for Czech animators during and after the Communist regime. My interview data provide an  interesting insight into this question. Most literature associates Communist regime with opression and censorship but Czech animators did not feel impacted by these constraints as much. In fact, they believe that economic restrictions today seem to impinge on their production more seriously. I am trying to present my data findings in a thematic analysis, using NVivo software for qualitative data coding and retrieval. I have established a total of 56 theme categories from my interviews so far and intent to refine my thematic structure to about 5 main topics with a handful of sub-categories each. Political censorship is my starting point.