Otter Progress – Development is almost there…

28 08 2008

Just a quick update since it has been 2 weeks since the last post. I have mentioned previously that once semester starts it gets pretty crazy. Well, in the 2 weeks I have been teaching and marking, but also getting some development done. And I am happy to say I have had some major things happen.

Firstly, I have about 70 participants for my final data collection in a month. It will involve students using my application to see how it helps them with Object Oriented Program Design, and I just had to get them to fill out Consent Forms so that everything is above board with the Ethics department. Hopefully this gets me the last data I need!

The other major thing has been in the development side of things. Here are some screen shots of the current version. It has come a loooong way since the last postings. Not only does it look better, but it is very functional… almost the point of unleashing it. So final development can hopefully be sorted over the weekend and then into the hands of some testers. How exciting!

… Matt


Otter Development Screenshots

22 07 2008

Sorry to bump you from the top post Lucie… just popping some development screenshots up so I can trace the progress of the actual application as I develop it!

Here we have some screenshots of rough but functional steps through my student activity.

… Matt

The Otter’s Week – Publications and more Development

20 07 2008

Funny… teaching semester as started and I feel I had more time this week to work on the research. This week was two things:

First, I am getting two papers together for the ASCILITE conference. These aren’t about my PhD, rather based on the work of two of my honours students. They did some good work so it is important to get it out there!

The main work though has been more development. I have had a great run with the Flex 3 / Air development this week… I have my XML docs working pretty sweet, as well as getting round the actual logic and flow of my app. But Friday I was bashing my head against the desk… a strange problem I just couldn’t solve! So I left it, frustrated.

Anyway, it was a lazy Sunday so I thought why not do a bit more. And, as I expected (well, hoped!) I solved my problem in 15 minutes. Woo hoo! So I went on to spend more time consolidating my code and understanding so I can get more into the actual PhD app. Overall, a great day.

The other thing I have started doing is keeping my work process diary. I ask all my 3rd year students to keep both a blog and a workbook of their work. Well, a case of practicing as I preach, cause I now have both. This blog lets me share my successes and frustrations, while the process diary is letting me keep notes about my development that will fit into my actual thesis. The notes aren’t extensive, but enough to make writing my thesis hopefully a lot easier.

So there you go… not a bad week!

… Matt

What does this picture have to do with anything?

I did an image search for “good week” and this is what I got!