About the Jungle

I know what you are saying… goats and otters don’t live in the jungle. Well, most normal people do not embark on a PhD either!

What jungle? This blog was started by two PhD students in the last year (hopefully!) of their candidature. The jungle is unpredicatable and life-threatening… and so is a PhD! We found that as we trekked through this mad jungle that we have been coming across lots of the same obstacles and pitfalls, but also that we were finding rewards and golden nuggets in our search for answers to our burning research questions. Even though we are only 3 offices apart, we have still felt the need to share this with the ether that is the Internet. Sharing your jungle survival skills can make the whole journey even more rewarding.

So, enjoy the adventures of Lucie “the goat” who is researching Czech Animation and Matt “the otter” who is trying to solve the problems of programming students. Along the way you will learn what makes a PhD student tick, the difference between quantitative and qualitative data, what colours we are currently breathing, Friedman tests, NVivo, successes, challenges, and ultimately why people work for all these years just to get the letters Dr. before their name.

Lucie (the goat) and Matt (the otter)


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