About Goat

Animals, just like humans, are known for particular personality traits. The question is what animal can you relate to based on the characteristics they display. A few years ago, I gave this question a serious thought. Over and over again, I searched for that one animal that would behave like me. And that’s how I arrived at a goat. It’s hardly surprising really since I was actually born as Capricorn. Zodiac descriptions of Capricorns relate to mountain goats in an uncanny way:  known to be ambitious, motivated and determined, steadfast and task oriented. But there’s a lot more to goats.




Goats are typically quite difficult to handle and hard to train, you can’t just stop them from doing goat things because you can’t stop being who they are. Never push on a goat’s forehead – they like to push back but someone can get hurt.

They can be both playful and violent. Competitive aggressiveness in goats is not an unknown trait. I think I inherited this one from my Spartan upbringing, constantly fighting my two older brothers to win my place in the ‘herd’.


The beautiful skill about goats is that they LOVE to climb. Already as baby goats, they climb on their family members. I used to climb on my uncle each time I saw him – God bless soul! He was so patient with me. And so my earliest memories are those of climbing. As a child, I spent school holidays climbing trees with boys in the neighborhood. The good thing about digital divide – we had no computers to stop us from climbing!


Goats have no fear of heights and their daring attitude can scare you. That’s why I look at my PhD as a metaphoric journey to Mt. Everest. I’m constantly climbing, one step at a time and I’m enjoying the challenge. They say nothing stops a mountain goat from reaching the top. In fact, if you ever want to give your goat a gift, give them something to climb on. Even a pile of wood will do.


The other obvious behavior you notice about goats is that they’re always chewing. I look at this as a metaphoric representation of various analytical tendencies. Like goats, I simply like to ‘chew things over’, meaning to explore the issues that need some ‘taking apart’.


And lastly, goats are herd animals. They love to have a friend. Don’t leave them alone.



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